Our strong points
An always up-to-date catalog

No more paper catalogs or databases you need to update. With BenchKATALOG, we take care of everything! All you need to do is provide us with your current offers by region or country to display in your kitchen design software.

Adapted accessories

So that the search for the perfect combo is no longer a puzzle, each product is accompanied by a list of compatible accessories and their precise references. A solution designed to avoid errors and increase the price of the average basket of your customers.

Decision-making support
One-off offers

Do you want to make a promotional discount or create product packs? All these data can be integrated directly into BenchKATALOG which displays them when you make your choice. Cash back and seller discounts may also be shown.

Memorized selections

Do you regularly carry out the same searches and want to establish a list of favorite products? Save your selections in wishlists that can be shared between sellers to save time when ordering.

Complete descriptions

Each product is accompanied by a complete technical sheet, photos and videos of the situation and a radar graph with an evaluation of its functionalities. You even have access to the user manual and the product installation guide!

Complete color ranges

Does your customer want their product in red? In green? In blue? In one click, you can consult all the colored variations of the same range of products for a perfect integration into the style of your kitchen.

Summary and descriptions

Give your customer all the content of their selection or order with our automatic editing tool. The prices and the technical and marketing descriptions of all your products are combined in a single pdf document.

Self-training of salespeople

To help you keep up to date with the technologies of the different manufacturers, we have put together a description of each in a Glossary area. Your salespeople can be trained according to the latest announcements and the latest news.

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